Instructions for using High Volume Bet Scanner in Fonbet

Fonbet bookmaker is excellent with a wide betting line and pretty average coefficients. Also in the benefits of the bookmaker is to record fast payouts greater than the maximum bets. But just Fonbet has one feature that we describe below.

What is High Volume Bet in Fonbete?

For example, take the game, basketball, which goes in live. As you can see all the outcomes are available and open. Now break in the match

Match in Fonet Live

Then we happened to notice that one of the outcomes was the "gray". It just means High Volume bet. Then someone placed bet equal to > 90% of max bet. For each amount is different, but on average it matches the usual $ 150-400. In our case, we noticed someone bet on Win 2 in the third quarter of the match.

Match in Fonet Live

Fonbet High Volume Bet Scanner - How to use

Now we go into the scanner and find their match.

Match in Fonet Live

The first 4 columns indicate the match itself. That is the name of the sport, name of competition, team play and 4 column represents the period of the match, if it is empty, then High Volume Bet the outcome of the match.

5 column indicates the outcome of which was High Volume Bet (Win 1, Win 2, Handicap, etc.). In our case Team 2 win in 3 quarter

6 column indicates the odd at the time of the first High Volume Bet placed. Those. when the first time was the outcome of "gray", the odd was 2.55 (in our case)

7 column indicates the odd at the time of the last High Volume Bet placed. Those. when the last time was the outcome of "gray", the odd stand 2.55 (in our case)

8 column indicates how many times was High Volume Bet.

9 column refers to the date of the last High Volume Bet

Analysis and Betting

In our case, we see the that High Volume Bet was 6 times. And given league, sport and estimated maximum bet, you can assume that someone has placed bet 6 times the amount of approximately $ 100-200. Total of about $ 1000. And then ask yourself - not a lot of youth teams whether to match?

On the basis of this analysis, we make a bet of $ 50.

Match in Fonet Live

In the end, we are waiting for a quarter of play and in the end we win. The score in the quarter ending in favor of the second team

Match in Fonet Live

Next, we'll just make a profit and move on to analyze the other matches.

Match in Fonet Live


One of the strategies is to bet the same amount, preferably not more than 5% of the bank. Do not bet on everything, you need a minimum analysis of the situation. If it's a match from the major leagues, it is desirable to skip it, since there is basically only luck will help you. We are looking for "weird" matches and try to get the maximum profit from them. Our scanner displays High Volume Bet in the game, winning the period, the odds are in the set. If you create your own strategy, it will inevitably lead to the flow of money in your wallet.